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oyepAtomic.h: atomic operations.
|oSwap/exchange (atomic read-write)
oyepCore.h: basic arithmetic operations.
|oSum of absolute values
|oSum of squares (squared L2 norm)
|\Dot product
oyepLibrary.h: library initialization, information, and support functions.
|oLibrary initialization, deinitialization, and version information
|oProcessor extensions information
|oProcessor architecture, microarchitecture, and vendor information
|oCycle counter access
|oEnergy counter access
|oSystem timer access
|\String representation for enumeration values
oyepMath.h: vector mathematical functions.
|oNatural logarithm
|oBase-e exponent
|\Polynomial evaluation
oyepPredefines.h: predefined macros.
oyepRandom.h: random number generators.
|\WELL 1024a random number generator
\yepTypes.h: common Yeppp! data types.